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Ashley Anderson
3 Kids
“Have fun, be safe…and oral is great!”
Ashley seems to be pretty open about what she does and how she does it. It turns out it was her hubby who first brought another guy to their home just because he thought their relationship was in desperate need of a spark. The toolbox loved watching and had no idea his wife would finally get into porn! We, on the other hand, are pretty damn grateful Ashley exists! The crazy MILF made everyone feel horny just with her smile, and when she laid her hands on cock, boy did she cause a stir! Her wet pussy was quite a nice surprise, too, considering how hungrily it wrapped all around that veiny bratwurst !
Madison Gray
One Kid
“Takes a rollercoaster ride to pay for her kid's education”
Having split up with her husband who’d get shitfaced every single day, Madison decided she needed to find a way to feed her kid. MILF money is her favorite source of income, judging from what she was doing on cam! It was a complete rollercoaster ride to her (she’s taking her daughter to amusement parks pretty often), but she did her best not to fall off the fun pole by taking it real deep into her sloppy wet hole! If you want your MILF money, Madison, you gotta act dirty !
One Kid
“Is sure that time is money ”
Lennox is back in adult business after quite a while! The main reason for it is that her shit-for-brains husband is stuck in the joint and she has to pay all the fucking bills! This explains why she’s been so reluctant to waste time and so willing to suck cock (guess she’s got a whole pile of those bills lying around hehe)! Lennox turned out to be one hell of a wild chick, not only deepthroating, but also taking dick in between her absolutely amazing bazongas and luscious thighs! Man glue on her face sounded like a perfect finish, and we couldn’t help being perfect with this slut up till the very end !
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One Kid
“Traffic manager fond of zipper music”
One of the reasons why Emma is so damn fine is that she doesn’t talk much. She’s obviously into playing music. What we found out is that it’s the skin flute that she plays best of all, and having nothing against it, we arranged for an audition. No need to say, the gal got her money, and she was prolly so happy to get her pay that she started jumping out of joy landing on dick, eventually! That’s the only way to earn MILF money - taking it up every hole !
Kimmy Kahn
One Kid
“ Asian cutie earning her precious MILF money!”
Kimmy was 17 when she learned she gad gotten knocked up by a loser and an acid head, and that he was already looking for ways to leave her. Now that she’s all alone, this 23-year-old Asian stunner (who also happens to be a MILF!) is all into making extra money and getting out of the shit he had put her into! You should have seen those gorgeous eyes as she was whomping down on it! Kimmy looked like giving head to a complete stranger was the sweetest dream she had ever had in her entire life! That’s what we call motivation !
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