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Allison Kilgore
Two Kids
“2 hubbies couldn't handle her wild ways!”
Allison’s got 2 kids, and being a good mom, she works pretty hard to give them what they want. The good part about it is that she knows she’s got a killer body, sexy lips and a pussy so tight that’ll squeeze all of you inside and keep you there until the big “O” gets you! Whatever it is her 2 hubbies did for her, we’re pretty darn sure they weren’t able to satisfy this nasty MILF. She’s just too hot for one guy at a time!
Nicole Moore
4 Kids
“Is proud of belonging to a huge porn family!”
It’s amazing how Nicole manages to get into shape so quick! It seems like fucking and getting knocked up are two of her major hobbies. Oh wait, there’s another one! She also does porn. In fact, her husband is a porn actor, too, which makes them a pretty sizzling combo! He definitely doesn’t mind her earning some MILF money, so here she is! We were totally mesmerized watching her get that pearl necklace after hours of endless screwing! She took it in the mouth, up her pussy and in the mouth again not leaving a single drop of cum inside that exhausted cunt buster!
Divorced, One Kid
“ Has a lot of energy to make up for lost time”
Vicky is a 28-year-old divorcee with countless and sexless days behind her that she would rather forget. She thinks male assistance is required here, and if there’s some money she can make on it, she’ll jump at the chance! This absolutely irresistible blonde made up for lost time fucking with two guys at a time! Nothing could hold her back, not even a huge cock that seemed to be stretching her hole to the limits and another one that kept reaching deep for that throat of hers! We gotta say, she earned that MILF money!
One Kid
“Her hubby has no idea what a greedy slut she really is!”
Crystal is 27, sporty, with a sexual libido higher than high and married to a businessman who’s more interested in going on business trips that fucking his gorgeous wife. It seems like the only day he paid attention to her was the day she got pregnant! Now that she’s earning her MILF money (why not spend all of it on nasty underwear?) and fucking a few guys at a sitting (or shall we say: at a fucking?), she’s perfectly happy with her hubby’s trips and her new “exercise course”! For sure, her old man could never rub her clit or fuck her throat the way those guys did!
Tara Wild
One Kid
“ Sticks her tongue out to slurp it all!”
This wild babe says it’s pretty hard to bring up a 7-year-old daughter who wants it all and wants it now. Tara also works as a stripper 3 times a week, but does it in another town not to provoke any gossip around. It’s no surprise a girl with a name like that showed class at sucking cock! The way she stuck that tongue out was amazing, not mentioning her pink pussy that slid up and down the shaft at a crazy pace! Yeah, she definitely did her best to earn her MILF money!
Nadia Sin
One Kid
“Will swallow if you’re paying enough! ”
Nadia got married when she was 19, and since then the thought that she might have made a mistake has been chasing her everywhere she went. We made her forget about the bad side of marriage. Being a MILF is a gift, and we made her feel happy she was one! Her tiny hole got so mangled at the end of the video shoot you could stick all 5 fingers into her just like that! She really made us laugh our heads off when she was swallowing the load, ‘cause she kept making faces as she felt the cum spread over her tongue! The only thing that made her slurp the cum was MILF money, man!
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