MILF for Money Mom I'd Like to Fuck
Welcome, visitor! Someone once sang that money makes the world go round, and keeping that in mind, we came up with Milf For Money! This website is totally dedicated to ripe-breasted ladies who’ve been there, done that quite a number of times and if given an opportunity, would do it again! The special thing about them is that they fuck for dough! In fact, money turns them on so much they can fuck and suck for hours till their pussies fall off and their jaws drop!
Harley Rain
Divorced, 3 Kids
“I make money in order to raise my kids and give them everything they want.... This is what I fucking do!”
Having been in porn biz for over 10 years now, Harley is pretty much sure where the real money is! This “Ms. Bazongas” told us she had 3 kids (honestly, with milk farms like those, she could have written “Emergency supplies” or “I’ll feed the Earth” all over them!) and wanted to make sure all the nannies and babysitters got their pay on time! It looked like she was trying to make that deadline, ‘cause her mouth was all over cock in seconds and her round ass was banging against the balls so hard and fast that at a certain point we thought that chick would catch fire, ya know! She ended up with a mangled fuckhole and sticky spurt on her sexy butt !
Nicole Brazzile
3 Kids
“ Mmm…I gotta earn some MILF money for meee!”
Nicole happens to be one of those babes that were too silly and naive to trust their college mates. It’s like…Everyone gets properly fucked on campus, but some girlies also get pregnant with babies! The thing is Nicole had shit for brains more than once, letting her hubby knock her up three whole times! Now she’s doing porn, is getting all those lovely franklins, and we guess her kids feel pretty happy with all the stuff their dirty mommy gets them at the Mall! There’s gossip going around her town that she’s a real porn model, but Nicole says she doesn’t give a flying fuck! The vixen wore her cunt out on that video session sliding up and down the fun pole like crazy and getting all sweaty! Her amazing ta-tas got their portion of cock, too!
Lexxy Foxx
One Kid
“Yes that's right, I use my holes to make money!”
Being just the perfect age for being called ripe and looking pretty damn fuckable, Lexxy seems way too camera shy…On second thought…How come someone as modest as her would get involved in sucking dick for money?! Lexxy says she caught her hubby red-handed doing some nasty shit with another guy! He moved out and she's happy he did! Now this cute thing prolly has no trust in men. In money she trusts! Plus every ripe ho like Lexxy needs cock once in a while! It didn't take her long to reveal her love for dick and dough, because she got down to sucking cock like a fuckin' Hoover, you know!
Sindy Lange
One Kid
“ We involved a lot of toys…I would do him and he would do me”
Although Sindy sounds nostalgic recalling her married years, she was the one who made sure she left her hubby as soon as he got involved in preaching. Yup, too big a loss for a girl with a sexual libido like hers hehe! They're still friends and they also share all the expenses as far as their kid is concerned, which means this beautiful gal has to earn her MILF money! It didn't take her long to realize there was a live throbbing ATM machine sitting next to her, so she got right down to business, gripping cock with her mouth as hard as she could. Her favorite part was when she was getting it real deep into her pussy. The "Fuck me harder!" of hers never stopped!
Divorced, One Kid
“ Definitely, it's very expensive to have a 9-year-old child. Any child at all is very expensive to have!"
Sasha is used to making money all by herself, because her fuckwit boyfriend dumped her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. Yeah, yeah, same old story again and again...Now that she's making her MILF money, Sasha is perfectly happy. Her little girl can have all the clothes she wants and tell her friends that her mommy is an actress, and Sasha can have her portion of dick! It's pretty amazing how this round-assed chick took the entire drill machine into herself! It turned out she was only getting started, because when she got grabbed by her silly ponytails, she made that cock work a double shift!
Kylie G. Worthy
Two Kids
“I drain people's dicks for money…Load after load!"
Kylie has this gargantuan beauty about her ass that makes you totally forget about what she ever told you about. You just keep staring at it whenever she turns her back on you. This babe is married, but is pretty aware of her man cheating, so she's in here for all the money she can get, she says. We say her loud screaming and the banging of her ass against the balls only proves she wants some fun for herself, too! The nympho also came like about every minute, so there, Kylie! It can't be all about the money, you nasty big booty bitch!
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